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What to Look for in Your Next ERP: It’s All About the Platform

Looking for a new Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution is not something you do every day. According to the Mint Jutras 2019 Enterprise Solution Study, the average age of ERP implementations today is approximately 7.75 years. If you’ve implemented a new solution within the last five years, hopefully, you are not looking again quite so soon. Therefore, it is safe to say that (unless you’ve recently changed jobs), anyone looking today hasn’t done so in the past eight to ten years, or even longer. And a lot has changed.

Whereas fit and functionality once drove most decisions, basic and even not so basic features and functions are table stakes today. While an 80% fit used to be acceptable, today’s flexible and technology-enabled solutions should get you much closer to 100% than ever before, without the need for invasive customization. Of course, you still need to perform due diligence and confirm robust functionality, including industry-specific features and functions, but if you haven’t looked around for a while, expect to be pleasantly surprised. Also equally important today is the whole user experience, including easy navigation, visual appearance, and personalization. And don’t forget integration capabilities and the quality of built-in reporting and analytics. Any evaluation today requires you to raise the bar in terms of your search. Read on for some inspiration and tips on what to look for.



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