Get up to 70% Government funding in Singapore for the #1 Cloud ERP until 31 March 2026. EDG Grant PSG Grant

Productivity Solutions Grant (PSG Grant) Get Up To 80% Funding Under PSG

Manage Your Entire Business With NetSuite

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Be eligible for up to 80% grant to adopt digital tools to increase productivity & visibility. Digitalize your business now, apply for a Productivity Solutions Grant (PSG) to automate existing processes, and improve productivity.

NuVista Technologies can help SMEs adapt, advance, and become future-proof in today’s business environment. We are one of the key solutions partners of Oracle Netsuite, which is the PSG pre-approved vendor for software solutions.

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    What is PSG?

    What is PSG? Kick-start your technology journey by taking simple steps to automate existing processes and improve productivity. The Productivity Solutions Grant (PSG) supports companies keen on adopting IT solutions and equipment to enhance business processes.

    PSG covers sector-specific solutions including the retail, food, logistics, precision engineering, construction and landscaping industries. Other than sector-specific solutions, PSG also supports adoption of solutions that cut across industries, such as in areas of customer management, data analytics, financial management and inventory tracking.

    From 1 April 2022 onwards, the maximum support level will be up to 70%. For eligible pre-scoped solutions, enhanced support level of up to 80% will be extended from 1 April 2022 to 31 March 2023 for Food Services and Retail sectors.



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