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Outsourcing Services

Our multinational clients seek reduced costs & technically experienced teams to provide them with solutions for their various projects.

NuVista Technologies provides its clients with a facility to outsource to specialized project teams.

NuVista Technologies engage with clients to understand their specific requirements and tailor package according to their needs. These could be on site technical resourcing, project based off-site services or a combination of both.

Our engineering services includes the following areas:

Technical Resourcing

For client projects, which require the availability of technical resources on-site, we use our extensive database of resources to find the perfect fit. This affords our flexible technical support at a cost effective rate.

NuVista provides technical resources in the following engineering disciplines: Instrumentation/ Automation / Mechanical (Static & Rotating Machines) / Electrical / Process / Piping / Civil / Structural.

Project Services

Our main focus is providing design, engineering, application software development, testing, commissioning and maintenance services for DCS (Distributed Control Systems), PLC’s ( Programmable Logic Controllers) and Instrumentation from a variety of vendors such as Honeywell, Yokogawa, Emerson, ABB, Siemens and Rockwell.

Our consultants are well versed and involved in the following areas:

System engineering of DCS / PLC systems

  • Preparation of I/O List from the P&ID.
  • Preparation of Functional Design Specification for all Control schemes and the Hardware Specifications.
  • Preparation of control logics for the control schemes as narrated by the vendor.
  • Preparation of custom graphics shapes and displays as per the P&ID.

The testing & implementation of FAT

  • Testing the implementation of logic through a FAT test to ensure that the operational efficiencies are met.
  • Supporting in system setup for the DCS systems and OS systems, formatting machines, and required software installations for functionality.
  • Supporting in Networking setup of all systems such as DCS and third party equipment.

Project Management & Documentation Aspects

  • Backup support for all essential programs on a regular basis.
  • Preparation of master documentation for all finalised projects.

We also provide Design Engineers / Designers / Drafters for various industry-standard software packages such as AutoCAD, PDS, IN Tools, Micro station and PDMS.

These specialists have experience in other industries like oil and gas, petrochemical and chemical sectors.

Our INTools specialists are well versed in the following:

  • The use of all INTools modules like wiring module, loop module and browser module.
  • The generation of instrument index, wiring report, loop diagrams and interconnection drawings.



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