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January 14, 2021

Transform your HR Processes Digitally with NuSmart HRMS

What is a HRMS system?

A Human Resource Management System system or HRMS is an automated software that centralise all employee information on to a single database and manages organization resources, HR processes, employee performance, benefits, as well as administration.




Improves data management

A HRMS system is able to manage all employees data as well as information on benefits, for example enrollment and status changes.

Self-service platform
A HRMS system enables employees to update personal data without having to involve the HR department. This then frees up time for HR professionals for more important strategic functions.

Central storage
As data is stored and made available to everyone in one place, reporting then becomes more efficient with easier access to compliance records. This includes documents such as employee handbooks, procedures and safety guidelines.

Employee development
The system can also be utilize to implement and track employee development programs.

On-demand reporting

A HRMS system enables customized executive and management reporting to be done simultaneously. Managers can access the information quickly, especially when it involves information like employee development, performance improvement as well as salary details.

Measuring program effectiveness
The HRMS system is also able to measure effectiveness of a company’s turnover, new hires, compensation, management and benefit costs.

NuSmart HRMS Benefits


Built on NetSuite for NetSuite customers

We built the system with NetSuite customers in mind. Where NuSmart HRMS can be integrated with NetSuite solutions seamlessly.  

Powerful and comprehensive system

We have developed a powerful set of integrated Payroll & Leave Management system to meet all Management as well as Statutory requirements.  

Managing & running monthly payrolls are now easier & less time-consuming

Gone are the days of having to create traditional excel sheets or documents to keep track of your employees’ monthly payroll system. 

Self-service Mobile Application for IOS & Android

Application support on both IOS and Android mobile devices for quick access as well as efficiency.  

Role-based dashboard with analytical reports

Our system provides detailed reports for work optimization & productivity.  

Recruitment Management
The NuSmart HRMS system helps the HR team to analyze the requirements of a job, attracting potential employees to the job, screening and selecting candidates, hiring, and integrating the new employee to the organization. In other words, the system helps to find and hire the right people for the right jobs.

Performance Management System

Our system enables organizations to streamline their performance management processes to eliminate favoritism and thereby improve employee retention. The performance management system is a systematic approach to measuring an employee’s performance. It is a process where an organization aligns their mission, goals and objectives with available resources systems and set priorities.


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