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February 10, 2021

The Pros & Cons in Implementing Cloud ERP with Oracle NetSuite for your Business Digitalization

In today’s SME Business landscape, selecting the right ERP system for your business can sometimes be tricky. Precision, flexibility and technologically advanced are just some of the many factors to consider, when choosing the right fit. It is common for most start-up businesses to choose a Cloud ERP solution instead of a traditional On-Premise ERP. The following are the list of pros and cons when it comes to implementing a Cloud ERP for your business.


Low Total Cost of Ownership

Among the many benefits of implementing a Cloud ERP for your business is firstly, a Cloud ERP system allows for low total cost of ownership rather than a huge upfront investment, like an on-premise does. Many Cloud ERP systems tend to offer both monthly or annual subscription rates that fit your budget, as opposed to a one-off payment which may get expensive on a long term basis.

Minimizes IT costs

Secondly, a Cloud ERP minimizes IT costs. The system reduces the cost of hiring an IT team on site for any internal upgrades or even hardware maintenance, which can save you a lot of money as compared to a traditional On-Premise ERP system.  

Remote access

Thirdly, a Cloud ERP allows one to access data from anywhere at anytime remotely. As there are many businesses with multiple departments or even facilities, this function allows one to have an overview and access to data such as purchase orders, inventories and schedules. This not only saves time but also increases the overall efficiency of many business processes. 

Focus on your own business

Fourthly, a Cloud ERP allows you to focus on your own business without any worries. All version control, backup, and hosting are taken care of by a service provider, so that you may be able to deal with more important day to day business operations rather than on the technical side. 

Latest technology made available to SMEs

Lastly, a Cloud ERP gives access to the latest technologies to small and medium-sized companies, which used to be accessible only to large companies. You will get regular updates, new enhancements as well as system upgrades from your service provider; that will be beneficial in running your business in the long run. 


Internet connectivity

As data is accessible through the Cloud ERP system anywhere, anytime. You will be dependent on your Internet connection stability to be able to access your important documents. Without any connection, one will not be able to retrieve any documents at all. Therefore, it is crucial to choose an Internet provider you can rely on when the need arises. 

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