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November 22, 2021

Project management solutions for EPC companies

Project management

Project management is increasingly important to any EPC business. A project manager’s role is to facilitate and ensure that the team completes project deliverables on time with sufficient resources

Regardless of the experience & competency of a project manager, there would still be inevitable challenges faced in project management and planning.

Challenges faced in project management process

Inadequate risk management in projects
A project manager’s role in an EPC company is to implement safeguards in order to avoid long-term risks in projects. However, short-term issues such as unreliable subcontractors, project scheduling conflicts or the changing of project stakeholders are often missed out from the planning, impacting the bottom line.

Undefined project goals
Without any clear project-defined goals, it will be difficult to get things done in an efficient manner. A construction project could easily fall behind or run over budget if project managers are not able to set clear project goals. Without these goals set, projects may overrun beyond deadlines.

No accountability from project managers
A project manager’s responsibility is to list down the project goals and assign them to the right employees. They need to ensure that all goals are assigned to the right person or team and that all parties are held accountable for their tasks. If they fail to do so, it will be difficult to hold anyone accountable when a problem arises. 

Unrealistic project expectations
Some clients and stakeholders may have certain unrealistic project expectations. This may include projects completed on an accelerated schedule or on a limited budget. Unrealistic expectations create challenges in construction project management and more importantly hurt morale and productivity in an individual or team.

Benefits of digitalizing the project management process

Replacing paper & spreadsheets with mobile apps
By replacing paper and spreadsheets through mobile app integration, EPC companies can capture data online or offline from any device easily and efficiently. Teams on job sites can use standard form designs to key in data, geotag locations, scan barcodes, and even attach photos and document weather conditions on-site. 

Increasing productivity through a single automated platform

Through digitalization, every data, as well as information, is accessible through a single, central automated platform to generate efficiencies and increase productivity in teams and across all departments. 

Reducing duplicated data entry
Duplicate data entry is common in the industry and wrong or re-entered information could often bring negative impacts in project management, such as waste of time and resources and chances for repeated errors. Digitization can help to reduce data duplication and also ensure that the entered data is always accurate.

Minimizing human errors with digital timesheets
Paperwork can sometimes lead to the entry of incorrect data or even an omission of important data, which can cause missed project deadlines by owners, designers, and contractors, suspension of ongoing works as well as the delay of new projects. Digitalization therefore ensures the accuracy of the collected data and improves efficiencies on all levels of the project management process.

How can NuVista Technologies help

NuVista Technologies is one of the key solutions partner of Oracle NetSuite, which is a pre-approved PSG vendor for software solutions and trusted by more than 40,000 organizations globally. It is the only unique solution that fits the needs of every business, industry, and role.

Our Cloud ERP system is able to provide:
A quick & easy built-in flexibility 

A customizable, customer-specific commerce Ready ERP

Real-time business Intelligence for all and

A system designed solely for the modern company

We also provide analytical solutions that help you get real-time, actionable data from the underlying ERP systems and detailed information of critical projects all at a click of a button.

Business intelligence that helps:
– Facilitates in driving data decisions

– Project performance 

– Eliminates manual processes

– Real-time updates

– Improves team collaborations 

– Optimizes resources and tracks expenditure

We are a leading provider of Cloud ERP/CRM/HRMS solutions, with in depth experience across all industries and verticals. 

We are based in Singapore and is an ISO Certified leading cloud solutions provider with more than 18 years of experience offering Enterprise Solutions, Custom Application Development, Staffing and Outsourcing Services, a trusted strategic partner for leading organizations from start-ups, SMEs, MNCs (including fortune 500 companies) to government agencies and a cost-effective unified digital solutions provider that can rapidly implement fast-track digital transformations successfully to increase operational efficiency and business performance for our clients.

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