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Why Fast-Growing Companies Adopt Cloud Financials to Accelerate Growth

Over the years, small to midsized businesses have pieced together a patchwork of applications to run their operations. From accounting to order fulfilment, to sales and marketing, a venerable hairball of applications exists across millions of small to midsized business. This infrastructure will not enable rapidly growing businesses to sustain and accelerate growth.

Piecing together various applications to effectively run your business is inadequate. This approach lacks many of the capabilities that growing businesses need and provides minimal real-time visibility into essential business information. Unfortunately, this strategy results in companies trying to grow by adding even more systems or applications for specific purposes—which often aren’t integrated with each other—and may revise or attempt to automate certain business processes. This application hairball results in a level of complexity that’s rife with manual tasks and bottlenecks increase risks and errors and can hurt the customer experience. In fact, it hinders growth and in some cases, it can result in the death of a once vibrant company.

Download this white paper and learn how fast-growing businesses like yours can eliminate information silos by running on a single, unified cloud platform.

Featuring case studies of real-world companies using a single system, this paper shows how a cloud suite can:
•Break down silos to provide a more complete picture of your business.
•Automate mission-critical tasks to move quicker.
• Enable you to enter new markets and quickly add new product lines.
•Equip you to more easily engage with customers in new channels.
•Eliminate IT costs by providing automatic updates, ensuring your software is always current.



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