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Warehouse Mobility is designed to support the data collection needs of manufacturing enterprises. It can address a wide range of data collection needs within the warehouse and shop floor, including time and attendance.

Warehouse Mobility is a comprehensive and robust data collection system that simplifies operations by streaming real-time information between the shop floor and your ERP system.

Warehouse Mobility handles all communications with your ERP system. Users select transactions and scan bar-coded data by using hand-held radio frequency (RF) scanners. Warehouse Mobility formats the data and transmits it to your ERP system. Any feedback from ERP is presented to the user exactly as it was received.

With Warehouse Mobility, users work with data-entry screens that show only relevant data fields, many of which are pre-populated with default values. It updates yourERP database with the same data integrity as transactions that you enter through the standard ERPuser interface at a desktop terminal.

You can edit Warehouse Mobility parameter data using a set of simple Web pages. The actual data is stored in XML files that correspond to the structure of your site.

Together, these modules provide nearly 30 transactions specifically designed to automate and simplify data collection processes within the warehouse and on the shop floor.


The Shop Floor Management Module helps you automate and simplify shop floor operations from issuing raw material and job labor reporting to job completion. It includes the following transactions:


The Inventory Management Module helps you automate and simplify warehouse inventory operationsfrom receiving through shipping. It includes the following transactions:


Warehouse Mobility offers basic time and attendance functionality that allows you to track or monitor the time and attendance of employees using barcoded identification cards. After data has been collected, you can use ERP to process payroll information or transfer data to a third party payroll software. It includes the following transactions:



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