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June 10, 2022

Frequently Asked Questions on NuVista and NetSuite

About NuVista Technologies, NetSuite solution partner

  1. Why should I select a NetSuite solution partner over NetSuite for implementation?
    • Able to provide unbiased answers to questions. 
    • NetSuite partners sometimes develop their own applications built on NetSuite as well. If you think their product is a good add-on, it will be better to implement NetSuite through them for a better overall package. For NuVista, we have our own products for HRMS and field services mobile application. We also have good experience with integrations. 
    • Greater ability to customise NetSuite’s product to fit your unique requirements.
    • You will get a single point of contact for all your NetSuite needs – from sales, to implementation to support. You will be assured of utmost attention from our team.
    • Solution partners often have more niche industry experience. Solution partners often have more niche industry experience. At NuVista, we have developed our domain expertise in omnichannel retail, wholesale distribution, manufacturing, supply chain, professional services, oil & gas, schools etc. 
  1. How does your team support us after implementation?

After go-live you will receive 1 month of support to help you transition smoothly. After which, we still continue to support you as and when you have queries. 

  1. Can you integrate NetSuite system with marketplaces such as Lazada, Shopee, Qoo10 etc.?

Yes. We have expertise in integration of various marketplaces with Oracle NetSuite not only in a single country but globally. This means if customer has offices in China, then we can integrate country specific marketplaces with Oracle NetSuite as well.

  1. What is the timeline required for implementing NetSuite ERP?

This various for each implementation based on modules, and business processes. Standard implementation for Wholesale & Distribution company for Sales, Purchase, Inventory and Finance modules can be implemented with 8-12 weeks. But it generally takes 3-5 months’ time to implement complete end-to-end software solution that includes project, advanced financial, manufacturing, Q.C. modules.

  1. How is your costing compared to NetSuite?

NetSuite partners have access to the same pricing and discounts that NetSuite’s direct sales team has.

About Oracle NetSuite

  1. How is NetSuite ERP different from other ERPs?
    • NetSuite ERP is the first cloud company. It was born in the cloud, it is a true cloud. There is no version-lock. 
    • NetSuite ERP helps you manage your end-to-end business operations with 360-degree view of all business operations to the management.
    • NetSuite has a stairway approach whereby one can add on modules in a phased approach based on whenever there is a need.
    • NetSuite’s SuiteSuccess methodology is based on 20 years of implementation best practices. It includes leading practices based on your industry, helping to accelerate your ROI which reducing overall business risk.
  1. We have limited IT resources – will we need to hire a full time IT person?

No, that is not required. During implementation, we will work with you to understand your requirements and implement accordingly. After implementation, our support team will be able to help you out for any technical issues.

  1. How do NetSuite upgrades work?

100% of NetSuite customers are on the same release. There are 2 major upgrades per year, and ongoing minor upgrades throughout the year.

  1. How secure is NetSuite ERP?

Even the largest banks are on NetSuite – that is how secure it is! Your data is fully secure. It’s encrypted in transit and at rest. There are many levels of authentication such as Password, 2FA, security questions etc. for users to login into the system. Uptime SLA is 99.7%.

  1. What is the minimum user requirement for NetSuite’s platform?

Base module plus 1 user license.

  1. What is the pricing of NetSuite ERP? 

NetSuite is a SaaS solution and pricing model is pay-as-you-go. You no need to maintain IT infra to host and manage software. It’s a managed services you subscribe. NetSuite upgrades twice a year. So, you always use latest software modules and embedded technologies. It’s highly secure and available 24×7 to access from anywhere over internet.



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