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  • Increase profits without increasing overhead with the power of Infor Syteline ERP
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Syteline Capabilities

With Infor SyteLine’s extensible framework, you’re able to adapt it to your business, rather than forcing your business to fit a rigid set of processes and procedures. Adapt Infor SyteLine to new business requirements without incurring the high cost and delays involved in modifying or writing new code. With Infor SyteLine, you gain a powerful, easy-to-use solution that works the way you do.

  • Mixed-mode manufacturing—Accelerate mixed-mode manufacturing production processes and meet customer demand quicker.
  • Complex product configuration—Ensure configured orders are accurate for the customer and feasible for the production department.
  • Advanced planning and scheduling (APS)—Continually monitor demand as it occurs and update production schedules quickly, so you can provide accurate and real-time capable-to-promise estimates to your customers.
  • Materials and inventory management—Automate the process of calculating and monitoring your inventory drivers-forecasts, safety stocks, and order size-to keep inventory low while avoiding shortages.
  • Customer management—Efficiently manage the entire sales process, from customer lead origination and sales opportunity tracking, through converting prospects to customers, and placing the orders.
  • Role-based information—Make faster, more efficient, and informed decisions using dashboards that feature the actions and data most closely associated with specific, defined jobs, such as customer service, controller, and production planner.
  • Better user experiences—Get the information you need, when you need it, with user interface that can be easily customized to fit a particular industry, team, or user-without having to call on IT for help.
  • Mobile solution for warehouse logistics—Allow your warehouse personnel to connect with your ERP system with Infor Warehouse Mobility. Fully automate key business processes, cut costs while improving profits, and enhance your ERP functions with specialized modules, such as Pallet Management.
  • Microsoft-based system—Save time on implementation, customization, and training with familiar tools and common navigation.
  • Flexible deployment options—Benefit from multiple Infor SyteLine deployment and buying options, which include on-premises software, hosted Software as a Service (SaaS), and subscription models (including optional application managed services).

Syteline Core Features

  • Workspace 10.1
  • Data search across entire application
  • Data view actions and styles
  • Multi-site support for customer order creation across different entities
  • Web rendering updates
    • To Excel
    • Menu and keyboard shortcuts
  • Greener report options
  • A/R and A/P and payroll updates
  • Enhanced Microsoft Office integration
  • Communication wizard email blasts
  • Electronic signature capture
  • Dimensional inventory
  • Approved manufacturers
  • Batching
  • Scrap and yield
  • Printing and Packaging industry pack
    • Quoting and estimating
    • New Workbenches
    • Material tracking
  • Enhanced picking, packing & shipping
    • FedEx and UPS integration
    • Shipping labels
  • Credit Card Interface improvements
  • APS/MRP demand and plan detail charts
  • Inventory control—cycle count variance reporting
  • Cradle to grave lot and serial tracking
  • Container inventory
  • Consigned inventory
  • Portals
    • Customer
    • Vendor
  • Mobile
  • Auto vouchering
  • SSRS reports
  • Multi-currency payments
  • IFRS certification
  • Control accounts
  • Quick journal entries

Syteline Benefits


From repetitive to engineer-to-order, Infor SyteLine gives you the power to accelerate production and meet customer demand more quickly. With Infor SyteLine, you can

  • Define your own business processes to make the system work the way you need it to.
  • Plan and schedule order by order.
  • Improve forecasting speed and accuracy.
  • Minimize error-prone manual steps.
  • Return to work quickly when you get an unexpected order.
  • Reduce inventory levels and shortages.
  • Increase customer satisfaction.
  • Get to market quicker.
  • Deliver orders in full, on time, every time.

Infor SyteLine helps Companies like you improve your bottom line by adapting business processes to market requirements. Deliver more with less, and win the race against time.



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