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November 22, 2021

Digitalization Strategies for Retail Businesses with NuVista Technologies

New challenges are always part and parcel when it comes to running a retail business. These changes could sometimes be either technological evolution or external factors, like an ongoing pandemic. In this new landscape, the reality has now shifted to survival, as many retail businesses are forced to think of new ideas for business continuity and to adapt to these new changes. 

As digital technology continues to revolutionize the world of brick-and-mortar and online retail, it’s crucial to adopt digitalization strategies to overcome disruptions. 

Below are the strategies in digitalizing the retail industry to improve customer experience, retention, sales, and internal operations.

Digitalizing of payment processes to increase sales with seamless payment

Digital payment methods like Apple Pay, PayPal & WeChat Pay are slowly being adopted to both online and offline stores. According to statistics, the amount of consumers using digital payment has now increased to 6% since 2018. Payment processes as a result becomes seamless and less stressful for your retail business.

Personalizing customer loyalty programs to increase retention

Getting to know your customers from previous purchases and interests can also help to drive loyalty. Customer needs are always changing and more often than not, they want to feel important to their brands.

Create loyalty programs as an incentive to reward customers and deliver content as well as integrate data across all interaction points, eventually creating an integrated omnichannel customer experience. 

Delivering enhanced customer values through co-opetition within the ecosystem 

A combination between competition and collaboration. Suppliers and retailers are now no longer competing for limited resources, but working together to gain profit from delivering enhanced customer values. 

Improving business services through co-creation in customer reviews 

Online shoppers are now highly interconnected with their social peers and are willing to share their experiences and let others profit from their interactions with the list of products/services.

Optimizing shopping experience through AI

Self learning systems through AI (Artificial Intelligence) have now enabled feedback from past experiences to optimize shopping experience for consumers, enhancing both satisfaction and loyalty.

Accelerating business decision-making
Retailers can consolidate internal & customers’ data for analysis to make informed business decisions in internal or customer-facing processes quicker through digitalization.

How can NuVista Technologies’ help

NuVista Technologies provides cost-effective unified digital solutions that can be rapidly implemented to fast-track digital transformation successfully.

We are a leading provider of Cloud ERP/CRM/HRMS solutions, with an in depth experience across all industries and verticals.

We are based in Singapore and is an ISO Certified leading cloud solutions provider with more than 18 years of experience offering Enterprise Solutions, Custom Application Development, Staffing and Outsourcing Services, a trusted strategic partner for leading organizations from start-ups, SMEs, MNCs (including fortune 500 companies) to government agencies and a cost-effective unified digital solutions provider that can rapidly implement fast-track digital transformations successfully to increase operational efficiency and business performance for our clients.

To know more about how NuVista Technologies can help your retail business to adapt, advance and become future-proof in digital transformation, contact us at +65 62742290 or email us at . Visit our website at .



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