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NetSuite Customer Success Story – Tech Offshore Marine

TOM optimizes workforce efficiency by leveraging the power of NetSuite's cloud-based centralized platform

Reduced risk from hardware failure drastically

Significantly improved productivity by 40% to 50%

Slashed computing time by 50%, enabling swift and efficient operations

Customer: Tech Offshore Marine (S) Pte. Ltd


Industry: Marine & Construction

Country: Singapore

Number of subsidiaries: 5

Employee count: 300

Systems Replaced: Standalone local packages for Accounting/Finance, Purchase, HRMS

Software Considered: Xero

NetSuite Modules Purchased: NetSuite SuiteSuccess Financials First

TOM used to use different locally built software packages for their finance, purchase, accounting, and even HR department. Information was in silos and this hindered the speed of business processes. Things became harder during the COVID lockdown when employees worked remotely and were unable to access the information. VPN implementation was a disaster due to limited logins. Quickly, TOM realized that a cloud solution was the only way forward. They tried to get a cloud version of the existing packages and interface them, but real-time access was still not there.

A cloud ERP that would provide a centralized platform was the only solution. Oracle NetSuite was selected for its brand name and NuVista Technologies was selected for their domain expertise in the marine sector and strong NetSuite experience of being the pioneer NetSuite partner in Singapore since 2012. Oracle NetSuite provided TOM with a centralized cloud-based platform and provided a single source of truth of all 5 subsidiaries. With real-time data processing, customizable reports, and a streamlined approval process, NetSuite is the ideal solution for TOM as they have been able to increase their turnover through the years, without increasing their workforce to support this growth. They are now looking to expanding in Indonesia and India, with the support of NetSuite OneWorld.

An innovative leader in intelligent engineering solutions for global clients since 1996

Established in 1996, TOM is the pinnacle of Intelligent Engineering Solutions. TOM has consistently and successfully provided complete turn-key solutions for an international client base. From oil majors, rig operators, shipyards, refineries and power plants in the offshore sector to building and construction in the onshore sector, TOM has established themselves as a preferred partner and continues to grow its client base and offered services.

Inefficient and disjointed systems hindered productivity and remote work capabilities during COVID-19.

Before using NetSuite, Tech Offshore Marine used locally developed standalone packages for Finance, Accounting, Purchase and HR. These standalone packages were running on an intranet platform, and not in the cloud. So when COVID-19 hit, remote working became the norm and it was hard for employees to access the data in real-time.

TOM tried to implement VPN so that they could still try to use the current packages. However, it was a disaster as they had a limited number of logins and when one colleague works, the other cannot work. It turned out to be a very big disaster and was discontinued very quickly.

It became clear that TOM need a fully integrated cloud solution that could provide all the employees with real-time data anywhere. Therefore, in a bid to continue using their existing standalone packages, they tried to get a cloud version of the existing packages and interface them. However, even this didn’t turn out well as a lot of the information was still not in real-time. So then they decided to discontinue the cloud versions as well.

NetSuite was the clear choice for TOM with its real-time data processing, centralized platform, and cloud-based solution.

TOM came to know about NetSuite and also that it was supported by the EDG grant. TOM also knew that they wanted to work with an established brand.

Oracle NetSuite were the forerunners for cloud-based ERP solutions, so naturally, it because a first choice for them. During the decision making, they had many discussions with Oracle NetSuite, Enterprise Singapore and NuVista that convinced them that NetSuite was the solution for them.

TOM made the final decision with NetSuite because it was able to provide a centralized platform, real-time data processing, and cloud-based solution. A cloud platform was very important as they needed to ensure that they employees would be able to work from home during the COVID-19 period.

NuVista Technologies was chosen due to their NetSuite expertise of over 12 years and domain expertise for the marine, construction sector

NuVista was recommended by an Oracle NetSuite acquaintance and was also supported by Enterprise Singapore. In addition to being well-recognised in the market, NuVista also has strong domain expertise in the marine, and construction sector. They were able to provide TOM with a customised solution that could match their specific business process requirements and expectations. NuVista provided exceptional support and efficient customization during the product implementation, meeting all milestones on time.

NuVista Technologies was dedicated to helping TOM during product implementation and were very efficient

NuVista team was dedicated to helping us during the product implementation, they were cordial and customized all the reports to our expectation. And they were fast, and all the milestones were met. They were able to complete all the tasks on time and were very, very efficient.

Mr Mahendran S/O Minisamy

Managing Director and Founder, Tech Offshore Marine

NetSuite's implementation resulted in increased productivity, scalability and lower risk for TOM 

TOM started seeing improvement almost immediately upon implementation. There was an increase in productivity by 40 to 50%, the product also reduced computing time by 50% and reduced risk greatly as there are no physical servers.

  1. One of the most important features of NetSuite that supports TOM is the accounting and finance. Real-time access to cloud-based data empowers better decision-making, while the centralized platform of NetSuite expedites workflows and boosts productivity..
  2. Ability to customize reports easily in NetSuite.
  3. Approval workflow feature is very critical as it ensures that various managers are always in constant communication, before the transaction is completed. Also, a single system means that the sales, purchase and finance are communicating in real time as well.
  4. With NuSmart HRMS, TOM was also able to get a single integrated solution to manage both their Finance and HR, streamlining manual reconciliation and enhancing their competitive advantage with a single source of truth for 300 employees.
  5. Most importantly, TOM got a scalable solution in the sense that their turnover has grown, however, the number of people supporting the turnover has not grown.

    Enhanced operational efficiency in 2023 for a scalable growth in the future 

    TOM has successfully increased productivity while maintaining its current workforce, and now plans to expand operations to Southeast Asia with a focus on India and Indonesia. They will leverage NetSuite to replicate their processes in Singapore and scale operations efficiently.

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