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Gan Teck Kar Investments Pte Ltd.

Introduction: GTK is into whole sale and distribution. Established in 1991, 90 employees, source, import, and distribute premium, natural and organic foods from all over the world.

Goods are imported by both air and sea freight depending on the nature of the products and the requirements of the ever-increasing sophisticated demands of the customers.

Industry: Wholesale & Distribution and Manufacturing

• Previous systems provided limited visibility into company financial performance.
• Vital information had to be retrieved from multiple sources, leading to frustrating delays in financial and management reporting.
• High levels of manual processing were required to maintain spreadsheets for forecasting and inventory management, which was costly and prone to error.
• Hours were also lost every week locating pallets on the warehouse floor.
• Non-financial staff had very limited access to vital business data needed to be more accountable in their roles.

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