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Collin’s Movers Pte Ltd, Singapore

Introduction: Collin’s Movers & Relocation is a Company offering Services in Logistics & Transportation Industry with presence in Singapore, Malaysia and Hong Kong.

Collin’s Movers are a well-known moving and relocation specialist since the late 1980s primarily providing Relocation Services like Corporate Relocation, International Relocation and Domestic Relocation, Storage Services and Risk Advisory Services

Industry: Logistics & Transportation Industry

• Non-standard requirements for CRM, Estimation (Survey), Costing & Billing Calculations.
• Complex Costing Sheet custom-made to calculate the Costing based on different parameters of Shipping Container size like 20 feet, 40 feet etc and for LCL, FCL etc.
• Integrated the details for Estimation and Job Costing from a combination of variables with fluctuating aspects of Cubic Feet of Space, Exchange Rates and Freight Charges for various Carriers.

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