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March 10, 2021

Benefits for Digitalizing the Construction Industry

Ever since the pandemic first hit the world in 2020, construction & engineering sectors have been challenged with uncertainties in project costing, business operations, manpower and supply chain.

In this new landscape, it is crucial for the construction and engineering sectors to adapt and digitalise their business in order to survive as well as to overcome disruptions. 

Below are some of the challenges faced by construction and engineering companies in order to resume business during this pandemic season.

Challenges faced by construction and engineering companies

Labor shortage of skilled workers

Before the pandemic, the engineering & construction industry faced a shortage of skilled workers, many projects were forced to shut down and this eventually slowed down business in general. Although firms have tried calling back workers who were laid off, some have refused to return to work over fear of the virus or family responsibilities.

Decline in projects in various sectors of commercial construction

Various sectors of the engineering & construction industries experience a decline in projects, even after the economy begins to recover from the virus. There will be a significant change in lifestyles post-Covid-19, as a majority will still continue to work from home rather than in a physical office.

Prices of materials increase

As the economy recovers, there will be an increase in prices for construction materials, due to increasing demand in the market and newly imposed tariffs costs. As a result from this, this would raise overall construction costs & expand the project margins for contractors. 


Supply Chain challenges in obtaining materials and equipment

With the increase in prices for construction materials and equipment, there will be disruptions in the supply chain in an attempt to slow down the spread of the virus. Businesses will need to rely on more than one material supplier from different geographical locations, in order to build resilience in their production.

In addition, shipping and air travel have also been affected, as less air freight is is allowed to be operational and therefore a reduction in moving materials across different countries. 


Construction project delays

Many factors such as unforeseen job site conditions, manpower, scope changes and design rework to suit the budget cuts as well as materials contribute to project delays. Companies on the other hand, submit project proposals based on the availability of resources. Delays in projects would therefore cause problems in the entire schedule and resource management of a construction company.

Payroll, attendance & overtime, shifts

Construction companies in general often face challenges in payroll as well, this includes:  

  • Handling wages for a workforce consisting of regular employees, general contractors and independent contract workers. 
  • Human error when recording hours, labor, wages and deductions from a specific project. 
  • Missed project deadlines. 
  • Staying in compliance with labor and wage standards. 
  • Accurate & timely filing of taxes. 
  • Filing clear financial records. 

Benefits of digitalising the engineering & construction companies 

Facilitate project scope & specifications from start to finish

Facilitates project management and specifications to complete timeline deliverables. 

Tracks & measure budget cost against performance 

Tracks and measure project costs and helps to set an overall estimated budget. In turn, teams will be able to stay within a budget using cost-effective solutions and resources.  

Plans, schedules and completes projects that are crucial for success 

Digitalisation helps to manage and set all project timelines and deliverables effectively as well as efficiently. 

Validates & minimizes risk that are in key stakeholders best interest

 Assesses cost effects and risk whenever a project change occurs. 

Deployment of man-power

Accelerates the deployment and management of man-power to specific projects effectively 

How can NuVista Technologies’ help

Our NuSmart HRMS system is able to provide solutions with the following benefits:

Powerful and comprehensive system

We have developed a powerful set of integrated Payroll & Leave Management system to meet all management as well as statutory requirements. 

Managing & running monthly payrolls are now easier & less time-consuming

Gone are the days of having to create traditional excel sheets or documents to keep track of your employees’ monthly payroll system.

Self-service Mobile Application for IOS & Android

Application support on both IOS and Android mobile devices for quick access as well as efficiency.  

Role based dashboard with analytical reports

Our system provides detailed reports for work optimization & productivity.

NuVista Technologies provides cost-effective unified digital solutions that can be rapidly implemented to fast-track digital transformation successfully.

We are a leading provider of Cloud ERP/CRM/HRMS solutions, with in-depth experience across all industries and verticals.

We are based in Singapore and is an ISO Certified leading cloud solutions provider with more than 18 years of experience offering Enterprise Solutions, Custom Application Development, Staffing and Outsourcing Services, a trusted strategic partner for leading organizations from start-ups, SMEs, MNCs (including fortune 500 companies) to government agencies and a cost-effective unified digital solutions provider that can rapidly implement fast-track digital transformations successfully to increase operational efficiency and business performance for our clients.

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