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A PATHWAY TO SUCCESS: Leading Practices for Wholesale Distribution

With thousands of successful implementations, NetSuite has a deep understanding of wholesale distribution businesses across all sectors and the many challenges they face. As the pace of change in business accelerates—especially for those still relying on aged, on-premise ERP systems, wholesale distributors are struggling to keep up. As they strive to improve business performance and increase customer satisfaction in an increasingly competitive environment, they are struggling with: • Metrics based on unreliable data. • Ineffective inventory utilization. • Difficulty expanding into multiple channels. • Inefficient order processes and inaccuracies. • Order orchestration and inventory visibility issues. • Manual processes that cannot scale As they seek to address these challenges, wholesale distribution companies are concerned about the time and capital required to fix their back-end systems. However, they realize that the ability to rapidly adapt and scale is critical to their success. What they need is a proven solution that can rapidly accelerate their business with a modern architecture—to go from zero to cloud in 100 days or less. What they need is NetSuite. As the pace of change in the wholesale distribution industry accelerates—the surge of digital, the competition and disruption of Amazon, changing customer buying habits—many distributors struggle to keep up. A key factor in staying agile, modern and relevant? The right technology partner. Learn why NetSuite’s cloud ERP is the best fit for wholesale distributors facing the forces of today.



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