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March 18, 2021

On-Premise ERP vs Cloud ERP with Oracle NetSuite: A comparison for Business Digitalisation

When choosing the right ERP system for your business, one of the many factors to consider is selecting between an on-premise or a cloud ERP solution. Many businesses and startups have now started to ditch the traditional on-premise solutions and switch over to an easy and manageable cloud deployment system.

However, there are still many reasons as to why a big or medium size company would choose an on-premise system instead of the latter. The following are a list of advantages and disadvantages, when it comes to the difference between a cloud ERP & an on-premise for your business.

What is a Cloud ERP?
A Cloud ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) brings together all the traditional functions of an enterprise and digitally organizes other parties information to create a seamless as well as cooperative experience along the supply chain onto a cloud system.

What is an On-Premise ERP?
An On-Premise ERP is a subset of Cloud Based ERP distributed as a software service through the internet and sold either monthly or per-user subscription. An On-Premise ERP runs on a vendor’s servers and is consistently updated on a quarterly basis. However, the downside of it is the system uses a multi-tenant model, which means all of the vendors customers would share the same software and infrastructure.  


Cloud ERP 

  • No hardware and lower costs especially upfront costs.
  • Access to the system and valuable key business information within. 
  • Consistent up-to-date software upgrades 
  • Security, data storage resilience as well as business continuity capabilities 

On-Premise ERP

  • Lower costs with predictable operating expenses. 
  • Out-of-box functionality that meets business needs. 
  • Rapid scalability without having to buy or build extra hardware. 
  • Automatic upgrades and access to the latest updates. 
  • Contemporary & intuitive user interface.


Cloud ERP 

  • Data migration challenges from on-premise ERP type of businesses.
  • Security & regulatory compliance challenges in hosting and accessing customer information. 
  • Fewer opportunities to customize the solution according to your business needs. 

On-Premise ERP

  • Costs increase when an organization adds users or when it is not monitored closely. The cost itself might eventually surpass that of implementing and maintaining an ERP on-premise. 

How can NuVista Technologies help

NuVista Technologies is one of the key solutions partner of Oracle NetSuite, which is a pre-approved PSG vendor for software solutions and trusted by more than 40,000 organizations globally. It is the only unique solution that fits the needs of every business, industry and role.

The system provides:

  • A quick & easy built-in flexibility 
  • A customizable, customer-specific commerce Ready ERP
  • Real-time business Intelligence for all 
  • A system designed solely for the modern company

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