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January 22, 2021

Build an E-Commerce Site on a Secure, Reliable Digital Platform

Building an E-Commerce site is easy. There are tons of E-Commerce services available to help you set up and launch your very first online store and to sell in no time at all. Finding and choosing the right platform service, however, is another story. To help narrow down your choices, the following are a list of things you should look for in a secure reliable E-Commerce digital platform: 

Find a perfect E-Commerce website builder

The first step is of course, finding a platform that would fit the best to your company or business needs and budget. An E-Commerce builder lets you build your very own online store without the need of any advanced tech skills or coding knowledge. Additionally, what is also needed in making it work is an Internet connection and a business idea to get you started on your way.

Hosting and domain name

An E-Commerce website starts off with a reliable hosting and a memorable name. Once you have selected your chosen platform to build your site, the E-Commerce solution provider should also provide high-speed servers with 99% uptime as well as a generous bandwidth to make sure your everything is always up and running.

Besides this, the solution should also cover fast, easy setups with domain names, able to purchase directly from the company or through an external registrar.

Choose the best plan

Once you have reviewed, compared and selected your choice, the next step would be to sign up to the right plan, in order to start building.

It is important to note that different levels of plans, come with different features and therefore the more you pay, the more things you will get. Start with looking at the size of your business or company and whether there will be any opportunities to expand as well as grow your business in the near future. If your end goal is an E-Commerce store, then you will definitely need a paid plan as uploading and selling products requires a more complicated software than a normal website.


It is crucial to keep both your data and your customers’ information safe. A secure shopping cart needs to have a payment card industry (PCI) compliance, secure socket layer (SSL) protection and fraud score features. For any data breach, you could also consider a data backup as well as a disaster recovery to safe proof your business and the welfare of all your potential customers.

Businesses who are looking for ecommerce websites can be built on a highly secure and reliable NetSuite Platform with ease. In addition to this, If your company needs a backend system now or sometime in the near future to manage your operation especially purchase, fulfillment (Warehousing) and financial accounting, a NetSuite ERP will be available to sync and leverage upon for all your business needs.

The NetSuite Ecommerce platform makes it easy to deliver engaging brand experiences to online shoppers across any device with our SuiteCommerce family of cloud-based ecommerce solutions. You will also be able to drive traffic to your web stores, convert browsers into customers as well as increase online revenue with a flexible ecommerce platform that grows with you.

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