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April 28, 2021

Automate your Warehouse and Logistics Process to Improve Operational Efficiency and Meet Customer Demands

What is RFID?

RFID or a Radio Frequency Identification is defined as a system that transmits identity in the form of a unique serial number of a product wirelessly. RFID utilizes electromagnetic waves to obtain and store data, provide relevant information in real-time, and automate transactions.

 Unlike barcodes, RFID tags in general do not require a reader. Not only does this eliminate the need for someone to manually scan each box or product, but it also means that an item can be scanned and catalogued even when it is hidden behind other goods.


Common challenges faced in Warehouse Management

Inventory Accuracy 


Inaccurate inventory causes problems such as maintaining improper stock levels and buildups of obsolete inventory. These in turn often lead to problems whenever the picker starts to refer to inaccurate information, eventually leading to inefficient processes. Inaccurate accuracy can also contribute to lowered employee productivity, increased expenses, and corresponding lost revenue for your business.


Redundant Processes 


Traditionally, warehouse employees have always been likely to handle a product several times due to the nature of the warehousing process. As soon as the global pandemic hit, warehouse businesses are suddenly faced with the issue of health and safety, while having to continue on with business operations.


Labor Costs


Warehouses in general use a lot of expensive equipment and employ large labor manpower. In this season pandemic, there are businesses that are forced to cut labor costs, in return for improved service levels. Warehouses will now need to adjust shifts, ensure social distancing, and account for fluctuations in logistics while managing a vulnerable workforce.


Adapting to Industry 4.0 


Another challenge for warehouse businesses is keeping up with the pace of technology. Change is definitely imminent during this season. However, traditional processes such as distribution and picking are finding it hard to adapt and survive in this new normal. 


The advantages of RFID Technology


Reduced inventory errors


With an automatic data logging and collation within RFID tags and reader devices, the system eliminates the need for any operator input and therefore reduces the risk of any human error within data results.


Enables immediacy & real time data support


The system allows real time, data driven insight to help operators analyse patterns relating to internal warehouse management and key transport processes. Businesses would be able to know where an item is from the time it arrives on the dock, leaves the warehouse and every moment in between.


Enhances efficiency in the distribution process


The RFID system is able to accelerate efficiency by automating processes, that requires human intervention and streamlines them into a single, easy process. Other services such as ‘pick and pack’ will save employees countless hours, as it will determine the exact location of a specific product using the RFID reader.


Prevents the distribution and sale of counterfeit goods 


To prevent the risk of distribution and sale of counterfeit goods, the RFID system has a built in unique identifier that is able to control and prevent privacy and theft of all products. Individual items can be identified using serial numbers with EPC-enabled RFID tags as well as the ability to hold other detail information, such as the product origin of which it was manufactured from.


How can NuVista Technologies help with warehouse management?


NuVista Technologies is one of the key solutions partner of Oracle NetSuite, which is a pre-approved PSG vendor for software solutions and trusted by more than 40,000 organizations globally. It is the only unique solution that fits the needs of every business, industry and role.

Our Cloud ERP system is able to provide:

A quick & easy built-in flexibility catered to the retail industry


A customizable, customer-specific commerce Ready ERP


Real-time business Intelligence for all


A system designed solely for the modern company


We have many years of experience in RFID consulting and implementation. We have worked with clients in many different industries, specifically from Retail, Wholesale & Distribution to logistics.


Our consultants can seamlessly work with your business to setup an RFID system that is uniquely customized to your business needs.”

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