Professional & Consultancy

It can be a hassle figuring out what the problem is and what solution fits in well. Our multi-industry expertise with a forward looking approach helps client to optimize their processes and implement the best possible solution. We understand what it needs when a new project is to be kicked off or what is required to maintain the business continuity.

NuVista Technologies provides its clients with a facility to farm out their requirements to specialized project teams set up specifically for their projects. Our multinational clients look for reduced costs, technically experienced teams to provide them with solutions for their various projects.

As a preferred consulting and implementation partner of NetSuite ERP and CRM system, we work alongside clients to understand their business model, pin-point the pain areas and then help them improvise their current system to overcome the potential unseen issues.

Following services are covered under NuVista Technologies Professional and Consulting Services umbrella:

  1. Understanding business operations and figuring out pain areas
  2. Custom application development for specific confidential needs
  3. Product implementation and deployment
  4. Testing and Validation with user acceptance
  5. Go-live support
  6. Post implementation support
  7. Training and Competency Development
  8. Application Integration
  9. Data Migration and Validation
  10. Process control and Security

Cloud Offerings

  1. Cloud based HR and Payroll Management (to be announced)
  2. Cloud based custom application
  3. Business productivity



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