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NuVista stands out from the competition due to its unique approach in way of taking up and executing the Outsourcing Assignment– NuVista does not aim to take out core function making the people and process in the client company redundant. Instead NuVista focuses on the Non-Core functions and activities specific to the company alone so that our customer can better utilize the limited resources, time and people in core and critical functions.

Following is a summarized snapshot of the NuVista’s USP and key service benefits and differentiators:

NuVista’s relevant expertise, strong track record and consistent performance ensure we deliver value to our customers every time.

Critical RequirementsFunction held in-houseoutsourced to nuvista
Specialized ExpertiseLimited number of generalist resourcesPossess Specialists having core expertise with an
external panel
Integrated processDisconnected and no streamlined &
defined processes and procedures
Integrated Operating model with KPIs and
deliverables mutually agreed upon customized to
VisibilityLimited focus on real time visibility and
Market Intelligence
Dedicated specialists with pertinent Market
OwnershipOrganizational Functional Silos with
grey areas in accountability and final
process ownership
Strategic ownership of the function remains with
the Management but NuVista has Operational
CostOrganizational Functional Silos with
grey areas in accountability and final
process ownership
Realize tangible bottom-line savings as NuVista's
KPIs and Metrics are tied to the same


NuVista helps you to evaluate and monitor the Risks in your functional areas by a methodological approach to profile and classify various categories of risks according to the probability and impact of the risk factor. NuVista’s Risk Management model is comprehensive and takes into account wide range of potential risks involved in the function outsourced. The following risks are factored in NuVista’s Risk Management Model: Product Risks, Financial/Payment Risks, Logistics/Delivery Risks, Project Management Risks, Organizational Risks, Engineering Risks, Environmental Risks and External Risks.


Change Management is an integral element in any Outsourcing relationship; NuVista gives a great deal of emphasis on robust change management strategies to ensure that the outsourcing project is fully leveraged by the client post implementation. NuVista’s solid Change Management Strategy with a strong focus on the Human Side of the Change results in a forward looking and open symbiotic relationship based on integrity and trust which will result in: Accelerated Adoption Rate, Increased Overall Participation and Improved Benefits for employees embracing the change.



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